My Own

I wish to be my own
I wish to stretch and touch life, my life
To smile every day without cause
I wish to hear birds sing a song I wrote with love
I wish to travel to distant lands
To explore the world, to explore me
I wish to sleep peacefully by the riverside
With the hiss of water as it brushes against the river floor.

I wish time could stop just for me
I wish life could be all about me – my life that is
I wish I had you, I wish you were a part of me
I wish all these were mine, just here to please me
I wish this was always here from the beginning of my life.

I wish I was as innocent as I was from birth
Everything I do would be out of loving me
I wish everyone knew that side of me
And strive to be like me – in that respect
I wish the stars shine for me
And the sun rejoices for me
Because I am my own.

I wish everyone could echo that
And be proud of who they are
To wake up every morning and thank God that


I give my praise to God

To the one that never knew,
My trust I leave in God’s hands to protect.
This practice to me is not new,
I have done it many-a-times, I cannot recollect.

God’s love is given to them that let Him direct them,
For the Word is written to trust in Him.
Jim Elliot once wrote
“God always gives His best to those who leave the choice to Him.”

In every way, I concur.
For it is written in the greatest book every written.
Unto the Most High, I leave all to Him.
Only He knows my past, present and future.
Only He can direct my paths to His best of best.

Though alone I am nobody,
But through the blood of Christ Jesus, I am somebody.
I will write and honour His name forever.
I will do everything He commands me to do.

In that, I leave all choices unto Him,
To do what’s best for me and my future.
Whatsoever happens I will sing,
“Oh God let Thy will be done.

“In everything I give my praise unto Thee.
Oh God, I am content with the results of Your choices for me.”
Heavens, I praise God’s name forever and ever.
For He lives inside of me.


God always gives his best to those who leave the choice to him.
Jim Elliot – November 2013 Newbie Contest (All Poetry).

In the Event of your Demise

Some say the grave is the final rest
While others think there’s life awaiting next
Does life end with death?
Or is it a re-birth?

In the event of your demise
You stand looking with hollow eyes
Back at the complications of your past life
When the darkness awaits you to dive (in).

The grave – the home of the dead
A home to rest your head
Where no pain nor sorrow lead the path ahead
And your life written to be read.

Life after death, I have been told
Lies beyond the hot summers and winters so cold
Awaiting an angel to unfold
But only to be given to the ones so bold.

In the event of your demise
A place prepared where your body lies
In this the final death
Or perhaps a grave is for re-birth?



Written for my friend Zukile who passed away in 2007. This I recited at his funeral. May his soul continue to rest in peace.

My Broken Heart

Small streams of tears running down
the sides of your face,
I cannot tolerate.
It broke my heart
that it felt empty.
Words so sad,
I could only be confident.
I guess all I desired
was to feel your tender loving arms
cover me.
I long a kiss from
your smooth lips,
I can imagine.
All to it is the same
I will always love you
From all to all corners of the world.

My Lacerated Heart

Rills of tears running down
the sides of your face,
I could not brook.
It lacerated my heart
that it felt vacant.
Wordsso crestfallen
I could only assert.
I conjecture all I desired
was to feel your tender loving arms
encompassing me.
I long a kiss from
thy smooth lips.
I can envisage.
All to it is the same,
I will always love ye,
from all, to all corners of the world.

I Love You

You make me feel like I belong
And that I’m right even though I’m wrong
When you stand by my side
You take away the fear inside.

I think about you night and day
And that together forever we will stay
When we are together hand in hand
You make me feel so very glad.

I need you like we need the sun
Every moment with you is always fun
You are so special, yes indeed
You have answered my every need.

You were sent directly from above
You’re like a perfect white dove
When I look into your eyes I melt deep within
And the sound of your voice’s like a sweet violin.

You have reached within and captured my heart
With you I’ll never want to part
I love you more as the days go on
And as the sun rises at every dawn.

You always know how to make me smile
For you I’d walk an extra mile
When I hear your name it brightens my day
Knowing you’ll be with me along the way.

I make a wish everyday
That together forever we will stay
You’re an angel from above
To you I give all my love.