Traces of my Agony

I lifted my view high
High above the heights of Mt Everest
Further beyond the horizons
Wishing for my agony to end
But instead…

A trace of my agony was exposed to me
Exposed also to the world to see
I felt a sense of longing
My heart sinking into the bottomless pit
But instead…

I held my hands high  and sought salvation
A sanctuary for my sins and tormented soul
Traces of my agony laid down before me
To recount my steps back, to trace myself
But instead…

I was given a chance to relive my life
I was given a proper guidance to avoid my mistakes
To avoid the agony I once felt
To live my life as I should have
But instead…

Instead of using that sheet
Which had my previous life mapped on it
I ignored it completely and rendered it useless
For I needed no guidance in the path of righteousness
But instead…

I have the Lord right by my side.

My Lacerated Heart

Rills of tears running down
the sides of your face,
I could not brook.
It lacerated my heart
that it felt vacant.
Wordsso crestfallen
I could only assert.
I conjecture all I desired
was to feel your tender loving arms
encompassing me.
I long a kiss from
thy smooth lips.
I can envisage.
All to it is the same,
I will always love ye,
from all, to all corners of the world.

I Love You

You make me feel like I belong
And that I’m right even though I’m wrong
When you stand by my side
You take away the fear inside.

I think about you night and day
And that together forever we will stay
When we are together hand in hand
You make me feel so very glad.

I need you like we need the sun
Every moment with you is always fun
You are so special, yes indeed
You have answered my every need.

You were sent directly from above
You’re like a perfect white dove
When I look into your eyes I melt deep within
And the sound of your voice’s like a sweet violin.

You have reached within and captured my heart
With you I’ll never want to part
I love you more as the days go on
And as the sun rises at every dawn.

You always know how to make me smile
For you I’d walk an extra mile
When I hear your name it brightens my day
Knowing you’ll be with me along the way.

I make a wish everyday
That together forever we will stay
You’re an angel from above
To you I give all my love.

Familiar Words

I speak to the people of this world
I speak of things related to the intelligent inhabitants of this earth, humans
I speak common words, yet never been spoken before
I speak common words, yet never been heard before.

I speak the language of angels
I speak in tongues that can be understood by every human being
I speak familiar words, yet never been used before
I speak familiar words, yet never been heard before.

I speak about things of this earth
I speak of people of this world
I speak words on everybody’s lips, yet never been understood
I speak common words, yet never been heard before.

I speak to the people, they don’t understand.