When I grow Up

I wanted to be a doctor, to heal the sick,
Or a taxi driver, to deliver you to your work.
I wanted to be a teacher, so I can influence the future.
I wanted to be a philosopher, so I can shape your mind,
Or an engineer, so I can make something the world will love.
I wanted to be an artist, to create beauty,
Or a designer, of something I can be proud of.
I wanted to be a lawyer, to stand up for you,
But mostly I wanted to be a preacher, to evangelize the Word of God.

As I grow up I realized that all these are not possible
I can only be one of these as there is only one me.
I cannot duplicate myself, after all, the others won’t be me anymore.
I cannot stretch myself, replicate myself,
To be in more places at once.
I can only be me and take one path
That The Lord has set out for me.

I became a father.

I became a doctor for my kids when they are hot at night.
A friend that I can always carry them in my heart wherever I go.
I taught my kids to walk, talk; speech and respect.
I became a poet, a writer, a story-teller.
I birthed beautiful kids, loveable to everyone,
My own art, my designs; making daddy proud.
I became their guardian, their protector.
And I will always instill God’s love in their hearts.

Now that I am grown, I know I made all possible by becoming a father.



I love you, my children:
Li, Tylo, Aazel, Theophilus and Rahima.
Daddy loves you to bits.



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