What do we have to offer?

Ask not what the world can do for you
But rather what you can do for the world
Great leaders have spoken
Words full of encouragement and
Words full of promises too.
What do we have to offer?

Poor things like us left without hope
Leaders talking about the Summit and 1GOAL
What do we have to offer?

We speak out by signing petitions
But at the end the word is theirs
We, poor things, left with the consequences
Having to pick us what’s left of it
Our own leaders living lives so luxurious
But without such as their riches
What do we have to offer?

Eventually their systems empowers them
Those that have led them from the beginning
Leading only to see themselves gain
Telling us “the hand that receives is the hand that offers”
With tears in my eyes and a lump of sorrow in my throat I ask
What do we have to offer?




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