Traces of my Agony

I lifted my view high
High above the heights of Mt Everest
Further beyond the horizons
Wishing for my agony to end
But instead…

A trace of my agony was exposed to me
Exposed also to the world to see
I felt a sense of longing
My heart sinking into the bottomless pit
But instead…

I held my hands high  and sought salvation
A sanctuary for my sins and tormented soul
Traces of my agony laid down before me
To recount my steps back, to trace myself
But instead…

I was given a chance to relive my life
I was given a proper guidance to avoid my mistakes
To avoid the agony I once felt
To live my life as I should have
But instead…

Instead of using that sheet
Which had my previous life mapped on it
I ignored it completely and rendered it useless
For I needed no guidance in the path of righteousness
But instead…

I have the Lord right by my side.

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