Unchain Me

The shackle of my life imprison me
They keep me atight and stagnant
My bosom is filled with emotions
That may soon explode in me.

Physically you cannot contain me
You toyed with me and left me pregnant
You disturbed my inner emotions
Until I had nothing left in me.

Unchain me
So I can fight for my land
Unchain me
And remove these shackle from my hands.

Your idea of freedom is blinding
I call it my own while you enjoy your toy
You side track me and call me my own
But in truth I am still bound.

Unchain me
So I can claim my identity
Unchain me
So I can lead my people.

The dreams I have are not my own
You turned my life around to live yours
I have been turned into a Zombie
And now living in a nightmare.

Unchain me
And let me fight my way
Unchain me
So I can be my own.

Unchain me
So I can fight for my forefathers land
Unchain me
And let me be.

Solly M Written by:

One Comment

  1. Valencia
    4 Feb 2017

    Your now unchained, from the world that lies and steal from you precious time and moments.

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