My Own

I wish to be my own
I wish to stretch and touch life, my life
To smile every day without cause
I wish to hear birds sing a song I wrote with love
I wish to travel to distant lands
To explore the world, to explore me
I wish to sleep peacefully by the riverside
With the hiss of water as it brushes against the river floor.

I wish time could stop just for me
I wish life could be all about me – my life that is
I wish I had you, I wish you were a part of me
I wish all these were mine, just here to please me
I wish this was always here from the beginning of my life.

I wish I was as innocent as I was from birth
Everything I do would be out of loving me
I wish everyone knew that side of me
And strive to be like me – in that respect
I wish the stars shine for me
And the sun rejoices for me
Because I am my own.

I wish everyone could echo that
And be proud of who they are
To wake up every morning and thank God that


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