My fearsome Comrade (Silence of the Lamb)

I will not tell a word
About the death as if by sword
Nor will I impress a soul
Of the seeming masculine foul

A respectable honorable clergy
Whom not even the devil can make edgy
Is silenced only consequential
Or the mere dog very influencial

Word handy orator
Screamed silently from encounter
I mean I know I heard him scream “Mama, Mama”
For if tears would let in, he might have wanna
Cry tears invoked from previous trauma

Oh fearless verbal comrade
A non-verbal mongel made you stand one-legged
Provoked before you could have your marmalade
We all laugh and your tension did faded…


written by Kenny M & Solly M (featuring Mbuyiseni Ndlozi)


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