Am I Wrong?

(written by Happiness [Rocka Media Entertainment])

Am I wrong for loving you?
Am I a fool to care about you?
Do you see yourself in my eyes?
Am I wrong for you?

Is it because I am not that beautiful?
That I don’t have a curvy body or a bigger ass?
Why is it, pray tell.
Am I wrong for you?

Are you looking for someone of your dreams?
Look into my eyes and tell me.
Am I not that person, pray tell?
Am I wrong for you?

Don’t judge me because of who I am.
Do you even believe in love?
Do you believe in me?
This is the question from my heart.

Do you know why I ask you these questions?
If you can give me your time…
Love me the way I am…
For I am me, and not someone else.

Or am I wrong?

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