In the Event of your Demise

Some say the grave is the final rest
While others think there’s life awaiting next
Does life end with death?
Or is it a re-birth?

In the event of your demise
You stand looking with hollow eyes
Back at the complications of your past life
When the darkness awaits you to dive (in).

The grave – the home of the dead
A home to rest your head
Where no pain nor sorrow lead the path ahead
And your life written to be read.

Life after death, I have been told
Lies beyond the hot summers and winters so cold
Awaiting an angel to unfold
But only to be given to the ones so bold.

In the event of your demise
A place prepared where your body lies
In this the final death
Or perhaps a grave is for re-birth?



Written for my friend Zukile who passed away in 2007. This I recited at his funeral. May his soul continue to rest in peace.

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