I Lie While I Lie

I see this platform as my soul to express
The lie that I have know from the onset.
Living a life full of pretense
Living to get high, but always end in upset.

I lie to see myself through
I lie because that’s what you want to hear
I lie because the truth you will through
I lie because that’s what I am asked to do here.

The essence of the heart so wicked
The lie I have told brought nothing but shame
No I am not saying I am wicked
But to say this brings nothing to me but shame.

I lie because I don’t know what else to say
I lie and hope it’s only for today
I lie all I want for you can’t see my face
I lie because this is a race.

All I have said above is nothing but a lie
Because I have a prompt to write about a lie
I do so,
While on this cold ground I lie.

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