I give my praise to God

To the one that never knew,
My trust I leave in God’s hands to protect.
This practice to me is not new,
I have done it many-a-times, I cannot recollect.

God’s love is given to them that let Him direct them,
For the Word is written to trust in Him.
Jim Elliot once wrote
“God always gives His best to those who leave the choice to Him.”

In every way, I concur.
For it is written in the greatest book every written.
Unto the Most High, I leave all to Him.
Only He knows my past, present and future.
Only He can direct my paths to His best of best.

Though alone I am nobody,
But through the blood of Christ Jesus, I am somebody.
I will write and honour His name forever.
I will do everything He commands me to do.

In that, I leave all choices unto Him,
To do what’s best for me and my future.
Whatsoever happens I will sing,
“Oh God let Thy will be done.

“In everything I give my praise unto Thee.
Oh God, I am content with the results of Your choices for me.”
Heavens, I praise God’s name forever and ever.
For He lives inside of me.


God always gives his best to those who leave the choice to him.
Jim Elliot – November 2013 Newbie Contest (All Poetry).


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