I Ask

I wish to know the map of life,
Why others are successful and others are not?
What formula do you use to get by?
Why is it so easy for you to smile and move on,
While others find it hard to even show their faces?

I wish to understand what’s in the minds of the rich,
And why so many are still poor?
What did they do that set them different,
Or if they never bordered to check their maps?

Perhaps they never thought it exists,
Or they don’t think life has a road map?
Why am I sitting here today typing this,
While you are in bed enjoying another minute,
Or in a gym toning your body?

What makes you different from me?
Why my pain hurts more than yours?
If not, why is it so easy for you to hide your own?
How do you do it?

Why do you complain about the job you have,
While others wish they had any kind of a job,
To at least feed their stomachs?

I wish to know what sets us apart,
Why we can’t all work together to all stay on par?
Why do others rejoice on our pains,
While others don’t even show remorse?
What makes me different from you?

Today I’d like to ASK.




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