Happiness is only a word

This is where I draw the line
Enough with pretence, am so fine
Drawn by the masses to this world
I saw your face and knew your word.

Curled up line a ball
Your life is a joll
Mine is just a mashup of emotions
That hurt like erotion.

Don’t tell me about happiness
It’s a mess
A word that blinds the mind
My true emotions abound.

Hitherto have I followed so blindly
Well, am puttung it mildly
My true feelings have I hidden
My heart so sore, I am beaten.

Happiness is only a word
A word I wish to know its meaning
A word I wish to feel its worth
A word I can only imagine its beauty.

I am numb from previous trauma
I love you and that’s true
But my heart is hurt, without amend
My heart has now turned blue.

Oh my beautiful Angel
How I wish to give you everything to your heart’s content
This wind is blowing my candle
Soon it may blow off and I will have to pretend.

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