Cold World

Here it’s you and I
To make our dreams come alive
Forget those who lie
They are our Scandal
They’ll watch us flying to Lundal
Kissed you in the middle of the crowd
That never made them proud
Guilt in their eyes I found
They say I’m a playing when they can’t count
Babe I’m the Boss
Babe your my main course
I never thought I’ll write again
About my past and pain
The pain I feel on my chest
Every night or day I go and rest
Now I gave God control
His fixing my life my broken wall
My empty hall
With my deepest fall
Moments when I declined every call
A million years ago
When I didn’t know anything at all
All I wanted was more and more
Selfish alone like an Owl
Crawling alone on the floor
But that was a million years ago.

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