Versatile Journey

Hailing from the roots of the Swaziland
Caressed by the winds of the east
Your journey set to the west without an end
With the promise of the future to put you at ease.

Your beauty never faltered
Your smile never ceased
Your strides never failed
This journey was not to end.

Embrased by the sky-less nights of Johannesburg
No more looking back
Your face lit brighter than the inner city
Your throne awaiting you at the site.

Your beauty warmed my heart
Your smile made my lips to twitch
Your long legs walking my way
My heart skipped a beat.

To say I love you was to undermine you
Better if I say I adore you
Indeed the Swatis have lost their princess
But my heart gained a queen.

Your journey has brought you to me
This was meant to be
Leaving what you have known for so long.
But our journey together is still long.


I Lie While I Lie

I see this platform as my soul to express
The lie that I have know from the onset.
Living a life full of pretense
Living to get high, but always end in upset.

I lie to see myself through
I lie because that’s what you want to hear
I lie because the truth you will through
I lie because that’s what I am asked to do here.

The essence of the heart so wicked
The lie I have told brought nothing but shame
No I am not saying I am wicked
But to say this brings nothing to me but shame.

I lie because I don’t know what else to say
I lie and hope it’s only for today
I lie all I want for you can’t see my face
I lie because this is a race.

All I have said above is nothing but a lie
Because I have a prompt to write about a lie
I do so,
While on this cold ground I lie.

Thank You

Thank u Muke for everything.
Thank u for loving me.
Thank u for caring about me.
Thank u for trusting me.
Thank u for spending time with me.
Thank u for confiding in me.
Thank u for sharing with me.
Thank u for being honest with me.
Thank u for coming home with me.
Thank u for being such a wonderful guest.
Thank u for your friendship.
Thank u for not judging me.
Thank u a million time.
Thank u for taking me to church.
Thank u for wanting me safe.
Thank u for being my friend.


Muke is a dear friend of mine. And I miss her to bits.

When I grow Up

I wanted to be a doctor, to heal the sick,
Or a taxi driver, to deliver you to your work.
I wanted to be a teacher, so I can influence the future.
I wanted to be a philosopher, so I can shape your mind,
Or an engineer, so I can make something the world will love.
I wanted to be an artist, to create beauty,
Or a designer, of something I can be proud of.
I wanted to be a lawyer, to stand up for you,
But mostly I wanted to be a preacher, to evangelize the Word of God.

As I grow up I realized that all these are not possible
I can only be one of these as there is only one me.
I cannot duplicate myself, after all, the others won’t be me anymore.
I cannot stretch myself, replicate myself,
To be in more places at once.
I can only be me and take one path
That The Lord has set out for me.

I became a father.

I became a doctor for my kids when they are hot at night.
A friend that I can always carry them in my heart wherever I go.
I taught my kids to walk, talk; speech and respect.
I became a poet, a writer, a story-teller.
I birthed beautiful kids, loveable to everyone,
My own art, my designs; making daddy proud.
I became their guardian, their protector.
And I will always instill God’s love in their hearts.

Now that I am grown, I know I made all possible by becoming a father.



I love you, my children:
Li, Tylo, Aazel, Theophilus and Rahima.
Daddy loves you to bits.

My Own

I wish to be my own
I wish to stretch and touch life, my life
To smile every day without cause
I wish to hear birds sing a song I wrote with love
I wish to travel to distant lands
To explore the world, to explore me
I wish to sleep peacefully by the riverside
With the hiss of water as it brushes against the river floor.

I wish time could stop just for me
I wish life could be all about me – my life that is
I wish I had you, I wish you were a part of me
I wish all these were mine, just here to please me
I wish this was always here from the beginning of my life.

I wish I was as innocent as I was from birth
Everything I do would be out of loving me
I wish everyone knew that side of me
And strive to be like me – in that respect
I wish the stars shine for me
And the sun rejoices for me
Because I am my own.

I wish everyone could echo that
And be proud of who they are
To wake up every morning and thank God that


I give my praise to God

To the one that never knew,
My trust I leave in God’s hands to protect.
This practice to me is not new,
I have done it many-a-times, I cannot recollect.

God’s love is given to them that let Him direct them,
For the Word is written to trust in Him.
Jim Elliot once wrote
“God always gives His best to those who leave the choice to Him.”

In every way, I concur.
For it is written in the greatest book every written.
Unto the Most High, I leave all to Him.
Only He knows my past, present and future.
Only He can direct my paths to His best of best.

Though alone I am nobody,
But through the blood of Christ Jesus, I am somebody.
I will write and honour His name forever.
I will do everything He commands me to do.

In that, I leave all choices unto Him,
To do what’s best for me and my future.
Whatsoever happens I will sing,
“Oh God let Thy will be done.

“In everything I give my praise unto Thee.
Oh God, I am content with the results of Your choices for me.”
Heavens, I praise God’s name forever and ever.
For He lives inside of me.


God always gives his best to those who leave the choice to him.
Jim Elliot – November 2013 Newbie Contest (All Poetry).

I Ask

I wish to know the map of life,
Why others are successful and others are not?
What formula do you use to get by?
Why is it so easy for you to smile and move on,
While others find it hard to even show their faces?

I wish to understand what’s in the minds of the rich,
And why so many are still poor?
What did they do that set them different,
Or if they never bordered to check their maps?

Perhaps they never thought it exists,
Or they don’t think life has a road map?
Why am I sitting here today typing this,
While you are in bed enjoying another minute,
Or in a gym toning your body?

What makes you different from me?
Why my pain hurts more than yours?
If not, why is it so easy for you to hide your own?
How do you do it?

Why do you complain about the job you have,
While others wish they had any kind of a job,
To at least feed their stomachs?

I wish to know what sets us apart,
Why we can’t all work together to all stay on par?
Why do others rejoice on our pains,
While others don’t even show remorse?
What makes me different from you?

Today I’d like to ASK.

Is this the End?

16 years after we got our freedom
We still ask as South Africans
Not blinded by the recent activities around us
If we have reached the end of war
The end of apartheid
The end of discrimination
And have bridged to a rainbow nation?

Truth be told
We are not at the beginning of the end
But the end of the beginning
Lots still going
Politicians screaming unison
While the rest are fighting the struggle
A struggle against one another.
Will this ever end?

Not long ago we developed a disease
Against of fellow African brothers and sisters
Are we really at the end of the fightings?
When will we ever call it a rest?–by-SollyM