Starry Night

I fear the time the night will turn dark,

When the winds no longer whispers

And the starry night silenced.

I fear the day the melody will disappear

From the songs of heaven

And when matter of the universe

No longer displays its beauty.

I fear the moment all will be lost.

When the orbs lose their bright.

When the starry night no longer shine.

I fear the day I will never see the beauty of the universe in your eyes.

I wish this love stay with us forever.

For I fear the day I will have to go on without the twinkle and the glitter of your eyes.

When I no longer see the starry night in your beautiful eyes.

I love you forever more Valencia Mabika-Motsoane



A gift the Lord has given me
Wrapped in a manner of Angels
To touch it is forbidden
But tomorrow I am given.

I may not know what it will being
Or even if I will get there
But the reassurance God has given me
Is enough to take me to my tomorrow.

A touch of love and a kiss from thy lips
Oh mercy you encompass me
Staring me in my eyes and holding me by my hips
A kiss of tomorrow you laid on me.

I have known love and the opposite
I have been to places and enjoyed their sight
But your love my Valencia my life
Has assured me that tomorrow is already here.

– to Valencia Mabika-Motsoane, my tomorrow.


Am I Wrong?

(written by Happiness [Rocka Media Entertainment])

Am I wrong for loving you?
Am I a fool to care about you?
Do you see yourself in my eyes?
Am I wrong for you?

Is it because I am not that beautiful?
That I don’t have a curvy body or a bigger ass?
Why is it, pray tell.
Am I wrong for you?

Are you looking for someone of your dreams?
Look into my eyes and tell me.
Am I not that person, pray tell?
Am I wrong for you?

Don’t judge me because of who I am.
Do you even believe in love?
Do you believe in me?
This is the question from my heart.

Do you know why I ask you these questions?
If you can give me your time…
Love me the way I am…
For I am me, and not someone else.

Or am I wrong?


Familiar Stranger

Among the crowd she stood out
Stole my heart, ripped it apart
My world taken to a whole new level
‘Til my familiar environment felt strange.

I had to know her, I had to take her out
I couldn’t live without her being apart
I had to know her, we had to be on the same level
These acts were not familiar to me, they were totally strange.

When we finally met she took my breathe away
This stranger before be seemed familiar
In my dreams we met, day in, day out
My world revolved around her uncontrollably.

I had to know her, I had to take her away
I couldn’t handle these strangeness, I had to run somewhere familiar
I had to know her, I had to take her out
To some place where my emotions could be controllable.

I know her.
I feel for her.
I love her.
She is mine.
This familiar stranger.

I love you Mrs Valencia MM


Versatile Journey

Hailing from the roots of the Swaziland
Caressed by the winds of the east
Your journey set to the west without an end
With the promise of the future to put you at ease.

Your beauty never faltered
Your smile never ceased
Your strides never failed
This journey was not to end.

Embrased by the sky-less nights of Johannesburg
No more looking back
Your face lit brighter than the inner city
Your throne awaiting you at the site.

Your beauty warmed my heart
Your smile made my lips to twitch
Your long legs walking my way
My heart skipped a beat.

To say I love you was to undermine you
Better if I say I adore you
Indeed the Swatis have lost their princess
But my heart gained a queen.

Your journey has brought you to me
This was meant to be
Leaving what you have known for so long.
But our journey together is still long.